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Mar 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
surprising discombobulated i got in the shower. san francisco tapwater is cold. it was the second or third time i am not. i got into this big pity party for myself. and then i had the gift of getting over myself. something snapped inside of me. i got sick and tired of pity for myself. all of these statistics still in the periphery of my awareness came to mind, like how dare i be so pitiful standing and a cold shower when 1.3 billion people with whom i share this planet do not have access to safe drinking letter. how dare i? i thought how dare i feel so sorry for myself and 2.6 billion people don't have an appropriate place to go for the bathroom, where children under the age of five die from upper respiratory infections that i can go to the doctor for. when my sister and i would say it and compare mosquito bites and competing theaters are bigger and check our chance, when i received a vaccination shot, when we were inoculated as little children against diseases that could have otherwise killed us. that very same day and coincidence, one has set his concentrate remaining anonymous, i got a
Mar 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
in new york or san francisco or chicago and those types of delays you typically from other dignity, we think you'll see because because of further committee. i use the example of chicago o'hare at the airfield requires two towers with one of operation because of furloughs, we take one of the runway set of operation. that's how we try to measure the pact. the other thing i would mention is the number for the impacted hub cities with and can be fairly significant and when any are impacted -- >> a challenge i have is when we see significant or big, it doesn't sound like much of a plan in specificity. $600 million. i would love to know the breakdown between the payroll cost versus the others. he talked about one a furlough for every two weeks of work. is that for the 47 dozen employees at the faa? >> yes, the 47,000 employees subject to it. >> how many of those 47,000 employees are actually going to be furlough? >> the vast majority of the 47,000 employees. the employees that were for the mandatory contract spending areas like the airport improvement program are not subject. everything but
Mar 27, 2013 11:00pm EDT
and to with a pediatrician in san francisco to improve the environment with kids and dealing with adolescents when the qualities become character and in different ways to a private school principal in new york city to mentors working in the highest poverty neighborhood in chicago to give students the support and help that they need to do better in this realm. how to help kids improve but to look at new innovative ideas but in the process to do better in high school and in college and in life. >> to follow-up beach introduction was one question, while reporting for "the new york times" you turn the book in to whatever it takes people took note and we aggressively pursued of a grab from the government to replicate the model. yesterday's one of the kips students read you a paragraph you had written tear four years ago and your response was a lot of this book is my repudiation of what i had wrote then. and i read this book as a validation of the science behind the wraparound cradle to college model makes sense with the harlem children's own but is this said confirmation of the harlem zone strategy or
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3